Our History

Our History


Back in 2013, William Wambulwa, Masidza Galavu and Jeff Muchina founded Tatu Creatives Ltd, at a Java along Ngong Road, Nairobi.
Within our 1st year, our creative design company was Incubated for next 3 years at the Strathmore University business hub in Nairobi.
Four years later and now out of incubation, we started Shujaa Stories as one of the branches under the Tatu Creatives brand, under arts and design.
Working on Shujaa stories we were able to form partnerships with Nature Kenya & The Nairobi National Museum (NMK), who were a huge help as we launched a digital art exhibition in 2018. Here, we designed, curated and displayed 21 Shujaa's with their corresponding stories centred towards educating & inspiring the younger generation.
We later put together a series of events and outdoor programs for young kids and adults as we brought together different creatives from different fields, such as musicians, photographers, painters and story tellers to list a few.
As this is going on, we we were able to enter into a partnership with the Google Arts and Culture team, through NMK, where the Shujaa's were selected to represent Kenya's legends/Shujaa's in their online museum, Google Arts and Culture. 

The exhibition proved a success, lasting more almost a year and another launch being held at NMK from 11th December 2021.

Tatu Creatives Ltd has come on a long journey since its inception in 2013. Operating a business for close to four years, especially in the Kenyan market, has not been an easy task. We started the journey as three partners, but over time grew to have provided employment opportunities to over 30 young, creative and talented Kenyans from 13 different institutions of higher learning, across 6 countries. Their skills were invaluable to the growth of the company.
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You are a Legend and never once a Myth.
We are always going to love and appreciate you.



January 6, 1993 - February 11th, 2020